Grupo de Estudio Genético de Enfermedades Complejas

  • Código Colciencias – COL0004513
  • Clasificación Minciencias – (Convocatoria 894 de 2021): B

Interdisciplinary research team that studies common diseases of high prevalence and impact in the Colombian population, evaluating in an integrated form the genetic and environmental factors that interact in a complex way is its physiopathology.

Líneas de investigación


Líder de la línea: Claudia Janeth Uribe Pérez

To determine the sociodemographic characteristics and their possible association as risk factors for the development of cancer and to identify incidents of malignant cancer in residents of the Metropolitan Area of Bucaramanga. In addition, it seeks to explore the molecular and immunohistochemical characterization of different types of cancer with high prevalence in Bucaramanga and establish in subgroups of the study population, the role of genetic variants in the presentation of familial cancer.

Genetics and Molecular biology of complex diseases

Líder de la línea: Silvia Milena Becerra Bayona

Characterize the impact of genes of biological interest in the development of common diseases, by visualizing the role of genetic polymorphisms in the networks pathophysiologies involved their origins. In a complementary manner, it promotes the creation of a bank of human biological material for the molecular study of common diseases of national relevance.

Serological biomarkers in complex diseases - MASEC

Líder de la línea: María Carolina Páez Leal

Identifies the shape and strength of association between the levels of diverse biomarkers and the presence of complex diseases, and their relation with severity and therapeutic response.

Social representations in health

Líder de la línea: María Carolina Páez Leal

Identifies social representations related to the knowledge, attitudes and practices around common diseases, their clinical presentation, how to prevent and treat them, as well as the short and long term consequences for the affected person and their family; whose knowledge contributes to the design of integral strategies of intervention, promotion and prevention that impact all the instances and actors of the health system.

ICT as a strategy in the comprehensive approach to Common Diseases

Líder de la línea: María Lucrecia Luna González

Promotes and facilitates projects of social innovation in health based on Information and communications technology (ICT), with the aim of consolidating its use, as a tool to mitigate inequities in the approach of chronic diseases, making approximations in education, monitoring, diagnosis and intervention.

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