Grupo de Investigación en Enfermería Caring

  • Código Colciencias – COL0139078
  • Clasificación Minciencias – (Convocatoria 894 de 2021): B

The research group from UNAB nursing program: CARING, whose meaning in Spanish is “taking care of”, subscribed in the Research in Health and Psychosocial Sciences Office from UNAB, founded since July 2012, and is currently registered and classified as C category (Call 781 of 2017).

 The research group is conformed by full-time and cathedratic teachers from the nursing program, graduates and undergraduate students. Colciencias has recognized several researchers enrolled in our group.

Líneas de investigación

Nursing Care of the Pregnant, Children and Adolescents

Líder de la línea: Martha Isabel Robles Carreño

It seeks developing research projects that may contribute to the object of study of the nursing discipline. These involve nursing care of the pregnant woman, children and adolescents. The research line looks forward understanding diverse health situations of the pregnant woman, child and adolescent around the health-illness process, by using nursing scientific evidence. It develops investigation in clinical and community context that reflects daily life situations from this population group, both at an individual, family and community level.

Nursing Care of the adult and the elder adults

Líder de la línea: Hendrik Adrián Baracaldo Campo

It seeks developing research that contributes to the nursing discipline object of study, which is the nursing care of the adult and the elder adults.  This line pursuits understanding health situations from adults and the elderly, in the health-illness process, using nursing scientific evidence. It develops research in clinical and community contexts from this population, which reflects daily living, at individual, familiar and community levels.

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