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Grupo de Investigaciones Clínicas

  • Código Colciencias – COL0119923
  • Clasificación Minciencias – (Convocatoria 894 de 2021): A1

The clinical research UNAB – group develops its Mission through the following permanent work strategies: – Training and development of human talent: The group manages and programs training according to the needs of researchers, groups and lines of research. research, in coordination with the areas to which they are enrolled.

– Methodological advice: The group provides advice and designates the advisors requested by the researchers according to their specific needs in the realization of the projects that are in the process of planning, from the methodological point of view, fundamentally.

– Consultation of processes: The group has necessary information on standardization and regulation of research in different areas, and can guide researchers to adhere to processes that make them more timely, efficient and consistent with international quality standards. – Process follow-up: The group collaborates with the follow-up of projects, programs and lines in order to account for the progress and difficulties whose solutions can be supported with specific interventions.

– Inter-institutional management: It has information, manages and seeks strategic alliances to obtain resources or funding for research and is available to researchers who request it.

Líneas de investigación


Líder de la línea: German William Rangel

Study of clinical cases and evaluation of anesthesia techniques.

Critical Care and Intensive Care

Líder de la línea: Francisco Fernando Naranjo Junoy

Study of clinical cases, risk factors, management protocols and prognosis of the main events attended in critical care.


Líder de la línea: Hernando Mosquera Sánchez

Description of clinical characteristics of prevalent dermatological problems, novel diagnostic methods and associated factors.

Internal Medicine

Líder de la línea: Claudia Lucia Sossa Melo

Study of clinical cases, risk factors, treatment and prognosis of diseases of interest in the area of internal medicine.


Líder de la línea: Alejandro Tello Hernández

Study of clinical cases, risk factors, evaluation of diagnostic tests, treatment and prognosis of diseases of interest in the area of ophthalmology.


Líder de la línea: Federico Guillermo Lubinus Badillo

Diagnostic evaluation of different radiological and imaging techniques with emphasis on the efficacy and safety of new technologies.

Surgical Specialties

Líder de la línea: William Omar Contreras López

Study of clinical cases, risk factors, treatment and prognosis of diseases of interest in the area of surgical specialties (urology, orthopedics, neurosurgery and others that will be included in the future).

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