Ingeniería Financiera – GIF

  • Código Colciencias – COL0066786
  • Clasificación Colciencias – (Convocatoria 833 de 2018): B

The purpose of the group is the deepening, generation of knowledge, and interaction University – Company – State in the regional, national and international environment, in the areas of Financial Engineering such as investments, corporate finance, risk, hedge, speculation and disciplines as the economic area.

Líneas de investigación

Corporative Finances

Líder de la línea: Isabel Cristina Barragán Arias

Plans for the formation of support networks for SMEs, creation of methodologies and models for financial diagnosis, capital costs, capital budget, dividend policies, and valuation of companies, mergers, acquisitions and privatizations.


Líder de la línea: José Luis Flórez Rueda

Addresses issues such as fixed income markets, in which bonds and securitized assets are valued, international investment (yield calculations, risks, profits, and amounts), effects of political events, monetary policy announcements, supply shocks, announcements of corporate policy or restructuring, quarterly announcements of dividend results. Market models such as CAPM, single index, multi-index, factors and APT and study of donations and altruism.

Coverage risk and speculation

Líder de la línea: Gloria Inés Macías Villalba

Study and propose derivative instruments, of inputs, aversion to risk and country risk.

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