Preservación e Intercambio Digital de Información y Conocimiento – Prisma

  • Código Colciencias – COL0071561
  • Clasificación Minciencias – (Convocatoria 894 de 2021): A

PRISMA is a multidisciplinary group that carries out applied research related to the technological foundations of knowledge management, the exchange of information, accounting and financial management in organizations, as well as the search for the application of technological solutions in organizations.


Líneas de investigación

Innovation and Educational Technology

Líder de la línea: Lina María Osorio Valdés

Seeks the design, development and evaluation of research projects that articulate the appropriate, creative and innovative use of technology in formal and non-formal educational environments.

Technology and Society

Líder de la línea: Román Eduardo Sarmiento Porras

It focuses on the integration of ICT-based solutions that generate productive processes, under conditions of sustainable development, seeking the improvement of the quality of life in the vulnerable population of Colombian society.

Marketing and logistics

Líder de la línea:

The identification and interpretation of marketing phenomena is sought, the use of technologies applied to the exchange and relationship of companies and markets, incorporating the analytics and the use of ICTs to interpret and predict social behaviors associated with marketing and consumption of goods and services.

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