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Idioms in context

Oct 19, 2020 | Institucional

In this English Alive post we share with you the correct use of some idioms that are phrases or expressions that typically presents a figurative, non-literal meaning attached to the phrase:

Juan : Hey Josh, how is it going?

Josh : I am doing great, what have you been up to lately?

Juan: I´ve been busy as a bee, by the way, Can you give me a hand with my class work?  I am so behind and my teacher thinks he is the top banana of the faculty.

Josh: Well, I´m afraid I can´t do it this time, but my friend Sonia, she might help you because she is a peach.

Juan: I do really appreciate it if you can get a hold of her. I heard she just got a new job.

Josh: Yeah, but she is in a pickle at the moment. Because she needs to make a decision about her family business.

Juan: I can´t imagine how she might be feeling. But, I´m pretty sure that she will get through this difficult moment. She is always full of beans. If I were in her shoes, I would take the new job.

Josh: I believe it´s time for her to face the music. Well, Juan, Ive got to get going.

See you around.

Juan: Thanks a bunch for your help

Josh: No sweat.


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