Learn about linking words in context

Mar 8, 2021 | Institucional

Linking words are used to connect ideas and develop coherence within a paragraph.

In 1987, UNAB university was given the acknowledgment as a university by the National Ministry of Education, which turned it into a modern educational institution as well as an important space for culture and knowledge. As a result, a variety of undergraduate academic programs were offered such as System Engineering, Financial Engineering , Psychology, Mechatronics, Hotel Management, Music and Medicine  to meet the needs of the city which was going through significant economic and social changes during the 90s.  In 1998, Gabriel Burgos was appointed as the new director of the university whose main job was to begin the process of remodeling the university in terms of making the campuses bigger and with more services for the academic community. In addition, in order to promote education and use of TICS a new virtual platform was created, along with this undergraduate programs were strengthened and a new campus was built, (CSU). In 2006, Alberto Montoya returned to the university and he began creating new technical and technological programs. Likewise, the process of High Institutional Quality Accreditation began.

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