Canadian Wednesdays are back

Mar 14, 2005 | Institucional

Videos and lectures related to several aspects of Canada are shown every week on Canadian Wednesdays. The activity takes place at 6 p.m. at Casa UNAB and has Canadian guests and people who want to practice their language skills, because in the meeting the language spoken is English.

The third gathering of this year will be on Wednesday, March 16th. During the two previous meetings, Canadian people resident in Bucaramanga were invited in order to talk about their country. Relaciones Internacionales invites to all the student and administrative community to participate in this activity.

"We have talked about sports, the Innuits (first Canadian settlers), Canadian movies, history and geography. It is not an academic activity or a lesson. The idea of it is to know about this country and take advantage of it in order to improve and practice English".

Olga Bogolomova, teacher of Canadian Culture Introduction (the only one optional course that is totally given in English), said that the main purpose of this space is "giving a chance to the students for meeting with native Canadians and speak about their country and culture".

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