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Foreign Affairs Newsletter

Ago 18, 2009 | Institucional

INDIA'S 9/11

Last week, terrorists struck in a series of coordinated attacks across the city of Mumbai, India's commercial capital, leaving nearly 200 dead. The attack and the unimpressive response by domestic security forces has led to anger and confusion among Indians. It has also reopened long-simmering tensions with Pakistan, which many Indians suspect supported the attackers — something that Islamabad denies. In a 2002 article in Foreign Affairs, former U.S. ambassador Dennis Kux examined India's response to the growing threat of sectarian terror, among other challenges. In a 2006 article, meanwhile, Sumit Ganguly analyzed the standoff between India and Pakistan and suggested a role for the United States in resolving it.

* Click for the full text of Kux's essay, (May/June 2002):

* Click for the full text of Ganguly's essay, (July/August 2006):

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