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Fourth industrial revolution, positioning creativity

Mar 11, 2019 | Institucional

Today creativity is considered by educators to be the highest expression of learning. Also, psychologists suggest it as the highest form of self-realization. To the same extent, the business sector considers creativity as one of the most important thinking skills of leadership in the 21st century. Due to the above, and for a large number of papers and research  on the importance of creativity for professional success, UNAB has stablished an strategic alliance with the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) of Buffalo State, one of the most important centers worldwide with more than 50 years of study in the science of creativity.

The university has the Creativity Course in all postgraduate programs to update their curriculum with the subject called Creative Problem Solution, which allows our students to develop their creative potential, face challenges, set goals and solve problems. In other words, this course allows students to learn the basics of the Creative Problem Solution (CPS) Methodology aimed to achieve personal and career goals. The course is certified by the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) of Buffalo State and is also offered to the external sector as an extension course.

UNAB has the Creativity Course that is included in the third semester of all the undergraduate programs. This course provides an exciting, revealing and completely useful research on what it takes to live an extraordinary creative life. Teachers benefit with what is needed to be successful in their professional development, while students get meaningful learning, they gain purpose and improve their relationship with themselves and others. So that, they learn how to face problems in their lives, “design” their own lives creatively. Students learn life skills by applying the Creative Problem Solution methodology.

To learn more about the Creativity Course, visit UNAB Creative

Unab Creative Center of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship aims to create and promote a culture of the development of creativity as the axis of innovation and entrepreneurship in our institution and community. Nowadays, The Center is offering two courses for undergraduates in Creativity. The first one is Challenge Your Creativity, which is an elective subject for Entrepreneurship. The second one is the Research Seedbed.

At the postgraduate level, we offer three courses, The Creative Problem Solution Course the Ideation Course, and the third one, Learning and Entrepreneurship Course and Experience nights aimed at the UNAB community. We also offer to the external sector and general community the courses of Creative Problem Solution, Design Thinking, Building Innovative Teams and WakeUp Brain.

To learn more about the products that Unab Creative offers, clic here 

The Creativity Core Course is a compulsory subject in:

• Masters degree in energy engineering

• Specialization in management of energy resources

• Specialization in financial solutions management

• Specialization in education with new technologies

• Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA)

The Creativity Core Course is an elective subject for all under graduate programs at Unab University. Although, the following programs already have included it in their Curriculum:

Industrial Engineering (second semester 2018) 

Market Engineering (first semester 2019)
Law (second semester 2019)
Pharmacy Regency Technology (Online) (second semester 2019)

We hope to improve our UNAB’S Creative Center with high quality standards to impact and include more UNAB’s programs up to 600 students per semester in the undergraduate course of Creativity and in all postgraduate subjects of this core course. Additionally, it is an objective to get much closer and influence positively in the external sector and community with an attractive and relevant offer.

Here is a closer look at students and companies participating

Creativity Course:

2016: 20

2017: 117

2018: 166

2019: 120 (first semester)

Total: 423

Postgraduate seal course Creative Problem Solution:

2018: MBA Core: 15

Masters Degree in Energy Engineering: 7

2019: Masters Degree in Energy Engineering: 12

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