Purposes for writing

Feb 24, 2011 | Institucional

By:Mireya Martinez Silva
Hi readers, as you have seen  in my articles I enjoy  sharing secrets  about simple things,  one of them is “ writing”.

When you write , your heart is opened to the world and your feelings want to be Heard by others, in other words , my purpose is making people happy.

In this article I will tell you about the porposes for writing:

TO ENTERTAIN: when you write , you must ask: what will my readers enjoy? Entertain with song lyrics, a funny story, an amazing adventure, a friendly letter, a sweet message.

TO DESCRIBE: Make images come alive in the minds of your readers. Describe a unique character, a scenic tourist spot, your favorite pet, your best friend.
TO PERSUADE: You want your readers to buy, to join. You´re looking for help or you want to make a change. Choose your words wisely and give reasons to support your requests.

TO REFLECT: Writing your thoughts and feelings helps you think about the world around you. Deciding to share your reflective writing can help others understand you better.
TO INFORM: People want to learn about things. They want to know Why and How. They need information they can use to make decisions.

I hope you enjoy this article and don´t forget to find out your porpose for writing!

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