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Ways to express wants and preferences

Jun 16, 2020 | Institucional

When you want to (politely) express or ask about a desire or wish:

“Would like” + verb in infinitive:

  • I´d like to travel to Canada.
  • What would you like to eat?
  • Would you like to drink something?

When you went to ask or express a preference between 2 or more options:

  • Would rather + base form of verb
    • Would you rather watch a horror movie or an animated film? I´d rather  watch a a horror movie.
    • What would you rather do: watch a comedy or a musical show? I´d rather not watch a comedy. I prefer to watch musical shows.
  • Use would rather not + base form (negative)
    • We´d rather not watch TV tonight.
  • Would like
    • Would you like a hamburger? Yes, I would. / No, I wouldn´t.
    • What would you like to eat? I´d like to eat a sandwich.
  • Would rather
    • Would you rather eat fish or hamburgers? I´d rather not eat hamburguer, I like fish more. (or I prefer fish, or more information would be, “I like fish better”.
    • What would you rather do: watch a movie or dance? I´d rather not dance, I prefer a movie.

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